Relish Health & Safety



Relish Health & Safety


Bottle hot chutneys or jams in hot jars

and cooled chutneys or jams in cold jars

  • It’s important to sterilise your jars it removes bacteria in the jars which could cause your preserves to spoil

  • Timing is important because you should put your preserve into a hot jar whilst the preserve itself is still piping hot

  • it’s a good idea so start preparing your jars when your preserve is about 20 mins away from being ready.

  • Tap the jar gently on the work surface to remove any air bubbles

  • If your chutney or relish didn’t make a full jar then tip upside own on its lid.

  • Use a clean, dry spoon each time you use the pickle

  • preserves do shrink a bit over time

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